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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Vacations and other words that start with V
August marks my 37th anniversary of my birth and it also coincides with the Summer season. It's not really a special time for me, then again, if there's any month where I feel special, August would bear the closest resemblance.

Not much is really going on here other than working part time and trying to quit my vices. The smoking habit really needs to go which means I have to be very cautious on how much I drink. Drinking will eventually be weened back to where it was before I started this most recent binge. Once I start becoming a 'regular' at a pub, I know it's probably time for me to stop going there. To further reinforce this, I'm starting to see 'familiar' people, but I can't remember their names. Women seem to find this most offensive, especially when we've had memorable conversation. Oh just means I wasn't interested enough to remember...or maybe too drunk...?

Just in case it's the latter, that's still unhealthy to do as often as it's been happening. I had to take an honest look at myself about this behavior and concluded that it has to stop immediately. I wont find any suitable women in a bar and if I do, I would prefer to be as sober as possible. It's really not all about the vagina, though. It would be more accurate to say that I want higher quality life which also happens to facilitate fornication with the opposite sex.

It amuses me that even in spite of how well I can control my penis, it still has the ability to manipulate my actions/idealogy. Who says Penis Power doesn't exist?


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